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Laser Glass Cutting Technology is highly precise and methodology that uses the laser beam in order to put together TFT-LCD glass and color filter for LCD and to scribe and break for cell processing.
(Vision technology for laser, optical technology, mechanism, software and auto alignment)
LCD Transfer System is the high-speed transfer solution that prevents deformation, vibration and traffic buildup that normally happen with the operations entailing large-size glass substrate.
The Wafer Transfer System is high performance machine that moves the 300mm (12inch) wafers between the different processes. It completely keeps the wafers free of particles
- Production Control System for Semiconductor and LCD Robot Production.
- HMI/GUI Software
- Supports the protocol for HSMS communication and helps develop SECS II/GCM Protocol
- Solution for Windows 98/NT/2000
- Factory Automation System : HMI, CIM, EQP, Server(Database)
- Control Device Communication Interface
- Process Simulation System
LCD Transfer System, Wafer Transfer System, automated machines, robot and the core parts for the machines that feature high precision, resolution, outputs and low vibration.