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The R&D Center is the first lab to develop the laser-based glass cutting techno logy in the world.
The center is focused on developing the semiconductor manufacturing devices and on how to improve the productivity and the quality of TFT-LCD producers.
The center is staffed with the best engineers in Korea who are an engine to Rorze's rise to be a leading producer of semiconductor manufacturing devices. Our personals and technology are best put into use for product, technology development and joint development projects. The R&D center is testing out the technological limits and working around the clock for technical development.
Rorze values personals most and regards the technology critical for its business success. Rorze has vision for being a leading producer of semiconductor manufacturing devices in 21st century and is working around the clock.
We will not take a short cut in the process of fulfilling our vision. We are not satisfied with being the leader in Korea and will take a stride to become a leader in the global market.