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This equipment is connected to various semiconductor equipment to transferring the Wafer. It is composed of Clean Robot, Load Port, Linear Stage. It is capable to add the FFU, Aligner’s various requests and easy to Maintenance.

Wafer transferring unit It is composed by Clean Robot and Linear Stage for conveying the Wafer inside of FOUP

Load Port - Open and close the 300mm Wafer FOUP.
- It does correspond to RGV, AGV, OHT, and manufactured by Semi standards.

FFU ModuleFilter Module which for keep high Clean class in EFEM.

OP PanelOperation Panel which equipped by convenient to use(control).

Performance of equipment

  • Wafer Size : 300mm Silicon Wafer
  • Carrier : 25 Wafers
  • Load port Configuration : 300mm LPM(3Foup)