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Humanism is the highest on the agenda of Rorze.
Whatever we are looking into or pursuing should be strictly in the interest of humanism.
Rorze's biggest assets are the employees. It is all natural that we take care of, have consideration for and have respect for each other. We need to join forces to help our employees make the most of their potential.

Rorze is in the field of semiconductor manufacturing devices that encompass a wide range of the cutting edge technologies. The technology will bring us to the future we are dreaming of; it is tools required to materialize our dream. We have the obligations to continue on with our task of technological development to the ultimate customer satisfaction. The task should not take a back seat to anything else. The technical development will be as critical to our business as the employees who are the most valuable assets to the company.

Personals with the powerful technology create both invisible and visible value. The more effort we put in the technological development, the more value it will bring to us. The process of gaining the core technology should be transparent and to the benefit of human beings. Our business is to create value for our customers, families, society and for human kind. We believe that bringing value to people is worth working for. We are a small entity, but we hold great hope for future. We are pursuing the perfection, with attention to details.