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Corporation First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to your continued support in Rorze Systems Corp., since its establishment. Rorze Systems Corporation keeps its feet to humanism, while it is developing the latest technology to the ultimate customer satisfaction. Rorze's personals are working together as a team to continue on with technological development and ongoing customer relations.

Semiconductor Industry has been the backbone to the Korea's economic growth. The worldwide semiconductor market status has substantial effect on the nation's economy. In order to maintain the sustainable growth in the future, research and investment in production technology is just as crucial as in the product development.

We have high moral and the commitment to live up to our position in the market.
With integrity and honesty, Rorze helps companies maintain their advantages. Rorze's ceaseless effort to pursue product development will set a precedent to our competitors and clients alike.

Thank you.