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This equipment(hereinafter referred to as Index) is Robot application systems for inter-process transfer from loaded Cassette. And injecting & inserting the Glass that injected by FAB process which from Input and Output process of equipment.
Generally composed by the Port Unit which aligning the Cassette, Drive-axis Unit which is driven Robot and the other safety Fence Unit

Driving-Axis Unit Robot moves linear movement along the Drive-axis. And transferring/loading the full sheet size of Glass which loaded on Cassette by Index Control System. Main task is Un/Loading to Stage in FAB process equipment.

Port Unit The Port Unit as settle the Cassette which mounted by STK. Clamping the Cassette which the Robot to transferring/loading the Cassette

Fence UnitFence as to prevent accidents related to the Index System. The door parts which available to open and additional equipment such as Operation Panel, Emergency Button are attached to maintenance of Drive-axis and Robot

Performance of equipment

  • ROBOT Driving : Linear movement by Rack/Pinion
  • Driving Speed : FAB 2.0m/s
  • Driving-Axis Repeatability : ±2.0mm (Glass Accuracy)