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LoadPort (ACE300)

Load Port ModelRV201-F07-T01
Applicable Carrier300mm FOUP(SEMI E47.1)
Auto Door FOSB(SEMI M31)
Carrier Height900mm, ±10mm
Carrier MechanismManual or automatic
FOUP Open Close TimeOpen: Max. 17 sec. (Including Wafer Mapping)
Close: Max. 13 sec.
StrokeY-Axis Stroke164.5mm
Y-Axis Repeatability±0.1mm
Y-Axis Stroke380mm
Y-Axis Repeatability±0.1mm
Θ-Axis Stroke180 deg.
Θ-Axis Repeatability±0.1 deg.
Clamp of FOUPCylinder Motion
Connection to FOUP DoorVacuum 사용(-60Kpa~-80Kpa)
FIMS PrecisionRegistration Pin positional repeatability: ±0.1mm
(According to E62 by SEMI Standards)