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This equipment detects short circuit of between Line, ASG socket and Fanout Line which printed on Active area Data Line, Gate Line, Common Line from the Glass head for FPD by using the contact/non-contact Sensor. Also checking the circuit position for transfer to Main Host and Repair process which detected as short circuit.
Auto Setting is applied by the Vision System, and S/W has been composed for easy to Maintenance.
Pattern’s Open and Short can be detected by contact-type and non-contact type Through simplifying the Sensor Module makes easy to Maintenance.
Noise Reducing Function makes Glass and sensor between enough physical space(Margin).

Performance of equipment

  • Scan Method : Non-contact type and Contact-type (Both Available)
  • Bandwidth : Variable Frequency type
  • Power Spec : AC220V, 3Ph, 50~60Hz, 28KVA
  • Clean Dry Air : Supply Pressure : 7~8kg/cm2 / Consumption : 750L/min
  • Vacuum : Supply Pressure : -80~-100kpa / Consumption : 100L/min
  • Cleanness :Class 10(Less than 0.5um)
  • Camera : Align, Capture, Monitoring, Setting